Why getting your child’s spine checked is a good idea!

“Whether we have a large spine or a small spine, if that spine is creating nerve distress then our bodies will not be able to operate properly.” (The Spinal Column).

Here is a shocking statistic by the Journal of Manual Medicine: “80% of all children are born with blocked or reduced nerve impulses due to a misalignment of the top bone in the spine called the Atlas.” This is often due to birthing trauma and how the doctor pulled the baby out, or due to how the mother carries or nurses the baby on one side. As your child grows, there are multiple other factors that can have an affect on spinal health and alignment, such as: learning to crawl, walk, roll, and run. What happens when they fall, trip, knock their heads, or roll funny? Because they are so little and don’t have strong muscle strength, the spine can get out of alignment easily.

How do you know that your child needs adjusted?

There are many signs that can present themselves in your child. Some common signs are your child needs adjusted are: colic, irritability, inability to suckle and breast feed one direction, poor sleep, poor immunity, frequent ear infections, developmental delays, digestion problems, asthma, low energy, inability to concentrate, and headaches.  

How can adjustments help your child?

When nerve signals are able to work without interference, this creates better sensory response and interpretation.  Other benefits are:

  1. Maximize the child’s brain and nerve development
  2. Enhance immunity and reduce the incidence of colds and infections
  3. Help with irritability
  4. Help reduce asthma attacks
  5. Helps body fight allergies
  6. Improve spinal posture
  7. Improve child’s ability to concentrate
  8. Help with behavioral disorders and enhance emotional wellbeing
  9. Assist with bed wetting