Adjustment! What is it?

So, what IS a chiropractic adjustment? Most answers that I get when asking this question are: popping the spine, cracking me, breaking joints loose, reducing pain, and (my favorite) making that "pop pop" sound. In fact, what most people are describing is just the...

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Water, H2O!

 You know when you drink water from different houses, restaurants, bottles, fountains etc. and they all seem to have a slightly different taste? Well, that’s because not all water is the same! Different waters are produce d differently and do different things for our...

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My Favorite Snack

So many people have asked me what the perfect snack is. My responses was always “whatever makes you feel good about yourself when you eat it and it tastes good to you!” But then the more I thought about it that response really wasn’t enough. Here are a few tips to...

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Being Mindful

About 40% of us create New Year’s Resolutions and about 70% do not complete or follow through with these New Years Goals. There are many reasons why this happens! Maybe you don’t have a plan in place, you don't have a support/ compatibility system around you to keep...

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